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Koskenkorvan Viina

Koskenkorvan Viina (Spirit)

No other Finnish spirit has as many renowned names as Koskenkorva. Most of the names are taken directly from production names, but there are quite many special names also, like Latoviina, Hollolan plöö and Vakoviski.

Koskenkorva can be called by any of its nicknames and it would be surely recognized by any Finish man or woman. Koskenkorva is very likely the national drink of Finland and known by every Finnish citizen.

In 1953 Koskenkorva was introduced to the markets and it enjoyed the reputation of being the most popular drink for over forty years. During these years the shape of the bottle of koskenkorva has remained virtually unchanged but the labels have been changed a little over time.

When the sales started Koskenkorva was only available in half litre bottles, but nowdays it can be purchased in five different sized bottles. The original half litre bottle now has little and big brothers, 4 cl, 20 cl and 70 cl (euro kossu) and one litre (family-size) bottles. Half litre bottle still has the best price per quality ratio. There are also special sizes besides the normal ones. From the end of 1997 to beginning of 1998 there was a specially created serial numbered share of half litre celebrity bottles for Finland's 80 year anniversary.

The price of Koskenkorvan Viina has been changed over the years. Normally the reason for price changes has been due to inflation, but has the price index of a bottle of Koskenkorva remained constant?

In the begining Koskenkorvan Viina was made only from potatos by distillation and sometimes from a potato-grain mixture, but nowadays the raw material is plain Finnish barley. Koskenkorvan Viina is distilled in southern Pohjanmaa, near Ilmajoki, Koskenkorva's population center and is bottled in Primalco's factory in Rajamäki.

Pure alcohol or better said ethanol (CH3CH2OH) is of course found in Koskenkorva. At its weakest (and strongest) percentage - 38 - Koskenkorva can be enjoyed straight, but it is also ideal for mixing in cocktails & mixed drinks. So Koskenkorva is perfectly suited for drinking as schnapps at dinner table or in a pocket warm shot directly from the bottle.

"Koskenkorva is very good", as noted by former us president & actor Ronald Reagan when he was visiting in Finland. And Ronnie was correct. Original, clear and fresh Koskenkorvan Viina is fit for a tough sheriff too.

Koskenkorva, Kossu, Koskis tastes even stronger Finnish than rye bread.

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